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Returning from The Secret of Monkey Island, the stump joke is a long-running joke that has been in a number of games thus far. It first appeared in 1989's The Secret of Monkey Island, where a suspicous stump could be found in the forest if you were to look around for long enough. Upon a closer look, Guybrush (the main character) would find a small hole in the base of the stump. He would then comment on a whole system of catacombs being visible through said hole. However, there was no way in the game to get through this hole.

The joke returned in 1997's The Curse of Monkey Island, where a crypt which appeared later in the game had a bunch of cracks in the corner with tree roots growing through them. If you tried to look through this crack, you would end up with your head sticking out of the original stump from The Secret of Monkey Island. The joke appeared yet again in 1998's Grim Fandango, in the sewers of the game's final year. If you examine a certain path, Manny comes out with Guybrush's original catacombs line.

And yes, of course, it appears for the fourth (known) time in Psychonauts. In the first part of the game, below the giant tree where the Basic Braining training course takes place, you will find a tree stump with a grill over the top of it near Ford Cruller. Try to use/examine the side of the tree stump twice, and Razputin will come out with the catacombs line from The Secret of Monkey Island, first used 16 (wow) years ago. It's almost poetic.

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