Tip: Do you know your Psychonauts characters? We have a comprehensive gallery, complete with screenshots, right here. It's just what the doctor ordered.
What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Double Fine Yo-Yos now for sale
Yo-Yos are one of those things that everybody wants. So, what do you do when Double Fine offers a light-up Two-Headed Baby Yo-Yo and a Psychonauts Yo-Yo? You go out and buy one, of course! Or perhaps both. Heck, why not get one for every member in your family?!

Tim playing with his Yo-Yo

Check out the Two-Headed Baby Yo-Yo store page, and of course the Psychonauts Yo-Yo store page. And if you aren't already convinced, be sure to watch the commercial, where you can see Tim Yo-Yoing it like a pro.

Posted by Ryan on May 2nd 2006. Comment here, 1 so far.
Tim Schafer talks about next game, and the past
As Mojo points out, there is a new interview up with Tim Schafer the designer of Psychonauts, which you of course knew already talking about himself, his early days back when he worked at LucasArts, and the next game that's on the agenda for Double Fine.

"I just wish we had the luxury of having game design where you [the game designer] think something will be popular so you fight for it. People may not understand it, but you have to give them the chance to like it. That gets harder and harder."

There's not much to go on when it comes to guessing what this new title will be, other than that it's "different from anything [Tim has] done before". Still, it makes for some good reading, and hearing about the development of classics like Monkey Island is always good. Read!

Posted by Ryan on April 5th 2006. Comment here, 2 so far.
Razputin's Domain celebrates first birthday
Razputin's Domain is now one year old (or at least, was a month ago), after both the site and forums were introduced on February 16th, 2005 as MixnMojo's primary hotspot for Psychonauts news, information, and of course community.

Although the site has remained fairly quiet as of late, the community has been very much alive and currently has a whopping 34,442 forum posts to its name a huge thanks to those who have contributed, and an invitation for those who have not yet gotten involved to do so.

The site will continue to evolve somewhat during 2006, accompanied by a planned redesign; the current layout was basically based around the pre-release torrent of news and features, and it's become a little harder to work with as far as providing general content such as backstory and all that goes. So, it'll be redesigned with this in mind.

Needless to say, general content will be expanded so that there are more (detailed) character profiles, a thorough guide of the locations in the game, easter eggs (thanks to the forum contributors!), and more it'll be a lot more fleshed-out, basically.

Finally, the community aspect will be concentrated on so that getting fan work (art/fic/music/etc) exposed and permanently archived in a safe place is a little easier, and so that the forums are tied in with the website a little better, bridging the perceived gap between them.

Until that lot happens, news will continue as normal on the front page. Hope that end-of-year status update was helpful!

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Tim Schafer interviewed by Working Title
Tim Schafer: he led Double Fine into creating the fantastic Psychonauts, and he's currently working on something new chances are, it isn't Psychonauts 2. Still, that's no problem; it's bound to be fantastic.

How do I know this, you ask? Well, it wasn't because I read this interview, but it could have been! So, be sure to read this brand new interview over on Working Title where Tim talks about Psychonauts' popularity, the next generation, and more.

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Benny's Psychonauts Saved Game Editor
Fancy a bit of help while playing Psychonauts? Wish there were a tool to give you a hand? Benny has brought yet another cracking utility to the Psychonauts market entitled "Psychonauts Saved Game Editor". Quite simply, it allows you to adjust your saved game files in ways such as adding more lives, changing which level you will resume at, and more!

For more information, check out the official download area. It will also be added as per usual to the Razputin's Domain download area after a while.

Posted by Ryan on February 16th 2006. Comment here, 1 so far.
Psychonauts now available in the UK
At long last, almost a year after the US release, Psychonauts is now available in UK stores. According to Mojo, you can find it at Play, Game or Amazon for a delightfully affordable price. In addition, GameStation is supposed to have 30 Playstation 2 and Xbox versions.

So, go out and buy it. Tell all your friends about it. If you like, mention its excellent review history. Although it's probably too late to make Psychonauts a best seller, you can still help to fight the good fight for creativity by ensuring it is experienced by as many people as possible.

Posted by Ryan on February 10th 2006. Comment here, 3 so far.
Mojo hosts shocking scans from PC Zone
As highlighted in a Mojo posting, PC Zone has published a fascinating and fantastic four-page look into Psychonauts and its development. Packed with fun facts and plenty of imagery, it's a must read for any Psychonauts fan and you will go and peruse the scans at once.

PS: Much to Razputin's Domain forum users' disdain I'm sure, the off-colour Sasha Nein makes a cameo on the final page.

Posted by Ryan on January 12th 2006. Comment here, 1 so far.