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Throughout your psychic and non-psychic adventures in Psychonauts, you'll encounter a number of fiesty enemies who would love nothing more than to obliterate you right there and then. The field guide below should help you to identify each and every one that you encounter, plus provide effective methods of taking them out. There are quite a lot of enemies, so the guide is split up into multiple pages. Simply scroll down to the bottom for more.
Generic Censor
Being one of the more common enemies in the game that you're likely to encounter whilst within the recesses of a person's mind, the censors' primary purpose is to destroy anything in the mind that shouldn't be there -- including Razputin. Generic censors cannot do much other than hit you with their stamp, and they themselves are very weak. A few strong punches should remove these little peskies.
Shouting Censor
Shouting censors are larger and more powerful versions of the generic censors. They're bigger in size, they evade your attacks by jumping away whenever given the oppertunity, and they can fire blasts of censorship at you in the form of a shout. A couple of psi blasts should take these guys out, with a couple of punches being equally effective should you get close enough.
Personal Demon
You really need to watch out for these little pains. When you see one of these little blighters running up to you whilst emitting that astonishingly annoying noise that it does, back off a little and use your psi blast ability to take it out. If it gets close enough, it'll blow up and take a considerable portion of your health away. Personal Demons become particularly lethal if they can form a large crowd -- should you be unfortunate to witness this event, your best hope is to just run, unless you've managed to attain the chain blast psi blast power-up.

Mega Censor
Oh man. Being the absolute pinnacle of what a censor can become, the mega censor is an appropriately massive variety of the above nasties which will unveil itself within the uncluttered depths of Sasha Nein's mind. It relies on a number of generic censor dispensers to draw its energy from, which can be taken out with your psi blast ability. Only then can you use your targetting lock-on combined with the psi blast ability to take the monstrosity itself out. This thing's stamps are lethal, so stay back!

Wild Bear
Generally found within the forests of Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, these psychic bears are an example of what concentrated volumes of psitanium can do to the wildlife. Once ordinary bears, these sizable fellows have evolved the ability to utilise telekinesis and levitation, which they use to grab Razputin and suspend him in mid air -- before moving in for the melee kill. Duck and dodge quickly to avoid their telekinesis attacks, and then use either your psi blast or pyrokinesis abilties to give him something to complain about. That, or you could just run like crazy and hope that he finds something else to snack on.

Wild Cougar
Another of the animals of Whispering Rock affected by the psitanium meteorite which landed many years ago, the cougars in the area have developed the extremely lethal ways of pyrokinesis. Within five seconds, these little beasts can turn you into a raging furnace, which is absolutely devastating to your health. Even worse, as soon as you recover they're there, waiting to give you another helping. The quickest way to dispatch of these is to use invisiblity, and get up close enough to land three swift punches into them. As you'll soon discover, they're not so tough without their powers.

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