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Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
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Throughout Psychonauts, you will experience the events of the story whilst playing as a chap named Razputin, a former-acrobat trainee in a camp that is designated for training would-be Psychonauts. There to simply get a shot at being one of the aforementioned Psychonauts - international secret agents who use their psychic abilities to quite literally get within their suspects' heads - Raz has little in the world to care for other than achieving his goal.

That is, until other children at the camp start to go missing, one particular girl takes an interest in him, and a diabolical scheme involving the usage of the campground's kids begins to unfold. The world of Psychonauts has a lot of dark secrets to hide beneath its fairytale appearance -- you may not like what you see.

Commonly referred to as an action adventure game, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is yet another mediocre 3D platforming game, desperately attempting to reach the same level of fun as Mario 64. You'd also be forgiven for thinking that Double Fine, a fairly new games development studio with no apparent portfolio of past work to speak of, haven't got the experience or ability to create a game that is a true masterpiece.

However, you would be totally wrong to think the above. Psychonauts is not just any action adventure game. It's a Tim Schafer action adventure game. Responsible for the likes of Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango in the past, as well as contributing hugely with dialogue and puzzles to the grandaddy of all adventure games that is Monkey Island, he left a trail of utterly astounding games during his years at LucasArts.

The aforementioned games are all highly respected as titles of the past, and still hold up fairly strongly today with regards to their levels of immersion, character development, storylines, and general realisation of the universes they represent. Psychonauts, although may not be a traditional adventure game in that it will be driven by platforming action as opposed to puzzles, will still feature all of the qualities which made the former games so memorable.

It has a gripping storyline. It has heaps of characters, all with their own believable personalities and dialogue trees with which memorable conversations can occur. It has a fully fleshed out world which is a joy to simply wander around. Not only that, but it also has a truly unique style of art direction which makes almost every single screenshot a piece of art in its own right -- with no small thanks to Scott Campbell. This game is beautiful in a very traditional sense.

The music is on a similar level of polish to the game itself. With Peter McConnell responsible for its production, you can expect to have a simply stunning soundtrack keeping up with the action and situations which the game presents to you. Monkey Island and Grim Fandango are two other games which have enjoyed the McConnell treatment. If you want a sneak preview of the music Psychonauts will offer, you may wish to check out the cutscene videos.

So, with Psychonauts briefly summed up in a few paragraphs, why not head over to our other Psychonauts sections and read a little more in-depth information? All of the character profiles and such are constantly being updated as new information becomes available, and there's all the technical information that you need. Have a blast -- Razputin would want you to.

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