Tip: One of the original Grim Fandango soundtrack CDs recently sold for over $100. Be sure to grab the original Psychonauts soundtrack.
What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
More Psychonauts voting fun.
Last-minute voting for Voodoo Extreme's awards is today. Of course, Psychonauts is listed under "Best Underdog Game", up against Darwinia and Serious Sam 2. There's really not much comparison here, even though Darwinia is kind of nice. So, be sure to head across and peruse the big voting area on the front page.

Update: Victory!

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Psychonauts picks up a bunch of award nominations.
Those who've played Psychonauts know how great it is. They know that the action, storyline, music, characters and world are all fantastic to immersive yourself in. Sadly, a lot of people don't know that because they've never played it, be it down to a very unsynced European release or advertising -- who knows. But despite Psychonauts' constant great reviews, all signs are that it didn't sell like hot cakes.

To emphasise how fondly that they think of our favourite game, GameSpot has put up its usual yearly awards which look at a whole variety of genres and categories which each have a bunch of finalists; one of which will be chosen as the ultimate winner. Psychonauts has a place in not one, not two, but nine of these categories. The actual winners will be announced starting from December 20th, however you can go and read a short snippet about Psychonauts in each category right now.

So, check out Best Original Music, Best Story, Best Voice Acting, Best Artistic Graphics, Best New Character, Funniest Game, Best Platformer, Best Xbox Game and -- sadly -- Best Game No One Played.

GameSpot isn't the only website that does awards, though. You can currently go and vote for Psychonauts on 1up, and I'm sure plenty of other sites will be doing something. If you see any websites with new Psychonauts content (ie: anything since August) such as features, reviews, articles or awards, please get in touch like our good friend, Assault!

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Hot new Bootcamp Bulletin unleashed.
A new Bootcamp Bulletin has been sent out by the fantastic newsletter crew, bringing us up to the sixth in the series of juicy, compiled Psychonauts news. The version on the official website doesn't appear to have yet been updated, so for now you can find a mirror of it here should you not be subscribed.

The two highlights (or rather, entirety) of the newsletter concern 1up's game of the year awards -- where you are thoroughly encouraged to go and vote for Psychonauts!!!!! -- and also something which will appeal to the fiction-writing fans of you out there. Hint: it involves pretending to be Raz. Interested? Go and read!

On a side-note: no news of the belated international release yet, although it is almost certainly still coming. I guess engaging of mental strength will have to get you through the prolonged waiting!

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Many wallpapers, plus a new Psychonauts Explorer.
Following a long stream of broken "I'll do it tomorrow!" promises from myself (sorry chap, I've been very busy with escaping the clutches of college), I've finally added Phaota's cracking wallpapers to the wallpapers section. He's created a fine gallery full of material to adorn your desktop with, produced from only the best Psychonauts imagery. I highly suggest having a browse for something that you like.

Additionally, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, a new version of Psychonauts Explorer has hit the fan, bringing us up to version 1.2 of Benny's masterpiece. It is now archived in the downloads section, along with a list of what exactly's been changed. The highlight of the update is partial PS2 support, although a host of other additions and changes make it a worthwhile download for non-PS2 owners.

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New Psychonauts Explorer graces Earth.
Benny has once again outdone himself with the release of a brand new Psychonauts Explorer. Boasting fixes, additions and cosmetic enhancements, this is certainly a worthy replacement for the previous version. For a full list of exactly what's been changed and why the PS2 is not yet fully supported, head over to the official website for all the details. The local Razputin.net copy will be updated during the next week for archive's sake.

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Enjoy a Tim Schafer interview, compliments of Edge.
Edge, a very popular British magazine, has gotten to ask Tim a bunch of questions. There's not really much concerning Psychonauts, but any general Schafer fun would do well to have a look. Click here to delve into the feature.

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Concept art makes a return to the image gallery.
Those of you who visited Razputin's Domain prior to the redesign shortly after its launch may recall the concept art. For some reason, it never got readded to the new image gallery, even though a bunch of new galleries appeared. Well, that's totally a thing of the past now -- the concept art gallery is back in its former glory. If you're in a conceptual mood, go check it out for a whole thirty-one pieces of beautifully drawn artwork!

One thing to note is that none of these were lifted from the game itself, so whilst some duplicates to those unlocked within Psychonauts itself may exist, there'll be some missing. If you're particularly bored and feel like cross-matching the ones available in the gallery to those available in the game with some kind of extractor, feel free to let me know which ones so that they can be added. A final note: send in your fan art!

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