Tip: Check out our downloads page for a range of wholey useful tools and utilities. Want to extract the game's music? Easy! What about the artwork? Done!
What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Alternative to the official Psychonauts playing cards.
Courtesy of meelWorm, a brand new download is now up for grabs in the downloads section. This stupendous installer will transform your mudane, generic Windows playing card icons that are used in games such as Solitaire into those used in the official Psychonauts playing deck. Find out more by scooting off over to the download page.

Posted by Ryan on September 16th 2005. Comment here, 0 so far.
New version of Psychonauts Explorer released.
Benny of Quick and Easy fame has released a brand new version of Psychonauts Explorer, his popular all-in-one utility which allows you to extract pretty much every resource that Psychonauts uses (sounds, textures, artwork, etc) from the game's files.

I've updated the downloads section with the new version, which of course includes a log of the changes and the usual instructions for usage. The latest Psychonauts patch is also in there for your perusal. Enjoy!

Posted by Ryan on August 26th 2005. Comment here, 0 so far.
Fight for the cause, earn free Psychonauts goodies.
As highlighted in the latest official newsletter, Majesco have just started a "Refer-A-Friend" program for Psychonauts to encourage as many people to try it out the title as possible. The basic gist of it, which you'll gather from reading the full newsletter right here, is this:

a) You convince a friend to buy the game. Promotional material available here!
b) He or she goes and buys the game, before promptly scanning their receipt for you.
c) You send their receipt into Majesco, who then send you a free goodie.
d) Both of you sit happily with your new possessions!

It's a fairly sweet little deal, and I of course encourage anybody who has friends to try and get in on the action. Convince friends to buy Psychonauts, enjoy free playing cards, a Whispering Rock t-shirt, or even a themed plasma ball. I've always wanted one of those, you know.

Posted by Ryan on August 23rd 2005. Comment here, 0 so far.
Majesco release v1.03 Psychonauts patch.
You can now download a new Psychonauts patch over at the official website, which has mysteriously appeared in the links/support section. Interestingly, there appears to be no documentation anywhere of what's actually been changed -- not even in the readme.txt which up until now has contained a detailed listing of the changes. Feel free to let me know or post a comment if you can spot the changes after downloading it.

Those concerned about this website, do not worry. The menus not working for the past few days have been down to a server upgrade, and as for the content itself -- I've simply been too preoccupied with the large upgrade we just did on LucasForums, and also getting my new website off of the ground. I'll get back to filling up this site with missing content (incomplete enemies section, no locations section) before long!

Posted by Ryan on August 9th 2005. Comment here, 3 so far.
Psychonauts Explorer, plus a new section.
The excellent bgbennyboy has surpassed himself yet again, with his latest utility for the equally excellent game Psychonauts. This new tool, aptly named Psychonauts Explorer, essentially unifies and improves the functions of his previous utilities. You can read all about it in a lot more detail by just popping into the downloads area. Please be aware that whilst I personally cannot help you out with the aforementioned utility, you can always use our forums to seek advice from the community and the tool's author himself.

Also, as you've probably already noticed from the new feature image, this summer will see the more contenty side of the website fulfilled, with additional sections dealing with the game's locations, inventory, powers, tweaking, and that type of thing being created. After all, Psychonauts is the type of game which picks up new fans all the time via word of mouth just like Grim Fandango, so it makes sense to have plenty of stuff available for them when they arrive. If you'd like to help out the cause, be sure to link to razputin.net somewhere on your own websites, and spread word of this most excellent game!

Posted by Ryan on June 30th 2005. Comment here, 0 so far.
Playstation 2 demo and full release imminent.
Owners of Playstation 2s everywhere can rejoice, for the PS2 version of Psychonauts has both gone gold and been shipped to assembly lines for the grand release to commence. It's expected to physically reach stores within the next several weeks, so be sure to have some cash set aside if you've been unable to grab the PC or Xbox versions! You may as well buy a copy for all of your friends, families and pets too while you're there.

In very much related news, a demo will become available during July for the PS2, which is supposed to be one of those "playable in the game stores" things. It's also expected that some gaming magazines will come equipped with copies of the demo, so keep an eye out for that. If anybody spots it, be sure to send in an email letting me know which ones, so the collective community can be informed!

Posted by Ryan on June 21st 2005. Comment here, 1 so far.
Bad news for European minions.
After getting in contact with Majesco for confirmation, it looks like Amazon's listed release date for Europe is in actual fact completely false -- the game is not going to be ready until quarter four 2005 (October-December). This is due to the localisation (translating of text and speech), which takes an understandably irregular amount of time in games such as Psychonauts because, "there is so much dialog", as Majesco say.

For those crazy Europeans who have developed a fluent understanding of the English language due to new-age, high-tech "tutoring" in educational institutions, or the British Psychonauts enthusiasts out there, there's still the option of just importing the game from the US. I have done it myself from GameStop, being British, and it arrived speedily and without any issues to speak of.

Posted by Ryan on June 1st 2005. Comment here, 12 so far.