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What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Patch for Psychonauts fixes issues. Joy commences.
A patch for Psychonauts has already been released, which brings the game up to version 1.01. It addresses a few minor issues with specific hardware, and is available for both the full game and the demo. As far as I'm aware it's purely an incompatibility patch which for CPUs which don't support SSE. But still, grab it anyway, since future patches may require it to be present.

You can get the patch for the PC demo here, and the patch for the PC final game here. Both patches will be added to the technical issues section which will be coming soon, but until then you can just grab them from Majesco's server. Also note that our forums now have a "Help 'n' Hints" area, which can be used for requesting unofficial technical support and gameplay help/hints. Have fun with that.

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Section to satisfy your referential needs added.
The aforementioned references section has been added. The general idea is to just document references in Psychonauts to other games, trademarks, and anything else that falls under the term. There's only two in there right now, but it'll grow as they are discovered and submitted. If you spot any, send them in. There'll also be a similar easter-eggs/secrets section following shortly.

In other news, Psychonauts reviews are coming in thick and furiously. The general scores and reviews that websites and magazines alike are giving it is very positive, and few have anything that is truly negative to say about the game. If you haven't been sold already, then now is the perfect time to go order the game. Thanks to those of you that have been sending in Psychonauts articles for the tracker -- keep them coming!

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Double Fine unleashes announcement.
After a short period of hyping up by Tim Schafer, Double Fine have finally uncovered their big announcement to the world. No longer do you have to walk the streets wishing that you could wear Psychonauts t-shirts. No longer do you have to wish that you had a copy of Psychonauts signed by Tim himself. That's right, the Double Fine Company Store is here!

There really is a huge range of things to purchase, enough to drain the wallets of even the most dedicated Double Fine fans. Ranging from the Whispering Rock Summer Camp T-Shirts, to the Double Fine Girly T-Shirts, your clothing and merchandise needs shall be fulfilled to their fullest. The only thing missing is a Razputin action figure, but there's still hope, right?

But, yes. Yes. Go and shop to your heart's content. Tim will even personalise a mesage to you on your signed copy of Psychonauts upon request. How cool is that? You could have him pledging his love to you every time that you decide to have a game of Psychonauts. Oh, and the Psychonauts soundtrack is up there too! Go shop, shop, shop.

On a side note, now that Psychonauts has been released you'll find a surge of reviews and articles coming from other sites around the web. As always, the feature tracker to the right will be archiving them, so be sure to keep an eye on it. If you spot any reviews or articles that we've missed, then please let me know.

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The excellent game Psychonauts has shipped!
At long last, Psychonauts is being delivered to stores and retailers worldwide. Delivery vans and trucks are pulling up alongside incredibly excited storekeepers, who you just know all intend to secretly slip a copy of the game into their jacket whilst nobody's looking. It's almost poetic. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Psychonauts is officially released. History has now been made, for this game is the proverbial "ownage", pulling Tim Schafer and his team up to the leagues of the divine.

It probably won't become available until tomorrow for the majority of you, and slightly later still for those that are importing the game, should they be unlucky enough to live outside of the US. Like me. But still, get excited people! And just when the excitement was starting to corrode your insides away, there'll be another announcement coming from Double Fine tomorrow. Regulars on our forums have already worked out what it is. Will you be able to contain your anticipation and not just go read out the workings? It's up to you. I sure couldn't.

Now the game's out, stay tuned for a lot more section activity on Razputin's Domain. There'll naturally be plenty of information being produced on the game's locations, a more thorough characters section, and many other things to totally satisfy you in getting the absolute most out of Psychonauts. If you spot any hidden jokes, in-jokes or other such cool things, be sure to let me know about them. They'll go nicely in the trivia section. I mean, I have a sharp eye and all, but I'll be too busy having my soul massaged by the game itself to spot everything.

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Schafer to talk on G4TV.
According to GFTV's schedule, Tim Schafer will be making an appearance to talk about Psychonauts in five days -- April 22nd. There's not really any details with regards to how in-depth it will be or anything, so all I can recommend is sitting down and tuning in as the schedule dictates here.

G4 have a history of making some slightly dodgy shows though, so I wouldn't expect anything epic. We may get some interesting information out of it though. I unfortunately do not get G4TV here, so if anybody out there would be willing to record it and then send it in it'd be appreciated highly.

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PsychoPortals to begin today.
As promised, here's a reminder of the exciting Psychonauts competition that is due to begin today. You've had the past week or so to sign up, but if you haven't already then it's not too late! It really is in your best interests to enter, if not for the fun but for the most excellent prize which you could win.

The prize is definitely worth trying for, with a huge TV, a surround sound system, an Xbox console, and even a copy of Psychonauts being toted as the victor's gifts. If you want to find out more information regarding the competition, read our earlier news post. Otherwise, go get involved!

Update: It's now begun.

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New feature added, "A few words with Tim".
As you've probably noticed due to the picture change above, a new feature has been added - "A few words with Tim". I received the opportunity to ask Tim three choice questions relating to subjects which ought to appeal to the die-hard Psychonauts fans out there. Tim certainly doesn't let his creative side down with the first question. He should make a game out of that, I swear.

Anyway, go and check it out right here. If you've somehow managed to get bored of enjoying the Psychonauts demo by now, then it ought to keep you occupied for a few minutes, before you again resume staring at the wall in silent anticipation for the final release. And if you can't get enough of Tim, stay tuned for we may be getting a second, more thorough interview for you sorted out before too long.

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