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What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Psychonauts to possibly appear on GameSpot Live.
As one of the avid Idle Thumbs forum-goers pointed out earlier today, tonight's GameSpot Live On the Spot event may feature something to do with Psychonauts. The event begins today at 4pm PST, which translates to 12pm GMT, so you may as well tune in if you've got nothing better to do.

It should be noted that whether or not Psychonauts will actually appear on the show is pure speculation, and that there is a considerable chance that it simply won't. However, the banner - which is generally rotated on a weekly basis to reflect what's in the next show - does show Razputin and Milla. So, it's anyone's guess.

Edit:- It's been confirmed that Tim Schafer will, for the second time, be making an appearance on the show to answer questions and such. Make sure that you tune in at the appropriate time to catch it all. If you're a little busy though, don't worry -- they do archive the videos for later watching shuld you happen to miss it.

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New design complete.
As those of you who saw the notice which was there for slightly longer than expected probably know, the last few days have seen Razputin's Domain taken apart and pretty much completely rebuilt from scratch. The PHP behind the site has been rewritten, the design redone, and most of the content recreated, in preparation for the far more frequent updates that will unfold as Psychonauts grows closer to release.

The design is probably a bit of a surprise to most of you, having barely settled down into the much darker one which was featured previously. I did personally feel the change necessary though, mainly due to the way that the previous design was quite literally slapped together as the weeks went on with new features, which caused some fairly troublesome PHP/CSS bugs behind the scenes, which in turn made updating the site's content an absolute pain.

So, since the whole lot needed to be recoded anyway, I decided to redesign it with all of the features integrated from the start. For those of you that really did love the previous design too much, I will be looking into getting a secondary, optional theme set up so that you can browse with more or less the same design as before. There's no ETA on that, but I'm sure I'll get around to it before long. It's also very likely that variations on this design (ie: to cover more than Whispering Rock) will begin to appear.

Anyway, have fun with the new content. The main highlight of the update is the new images gallery, which is essentially a nicely categorized database of Psychonauts images. It's not quite complete yet, as you'll notice from the absence of quite a few categories, but it's ready for use as it is. Feel free to spread the good word of Psychonauts with this gallery.

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What? More interviews?
Yet another Schafer interview has surfaced on the web. Conducted by Armchair Empire, Tim talks about the publishing nightmare, Raz action figures, celebrities, and retirement. Check out the whole thing for yourself right here.

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1up.com enjoys Psychonauts.
The mighty 1UP put up a nice, long article about Psychonauts the other day, which somehow managed to slip beneath our radar. Really, we need to get that thing fixed. It's got rust forming on both sides, and the dish isn't as shiny as it used to be.

But anyway, the article looks quite interestingly into Psychonauts' history and its creators' thoughts, rather than just concentrating 100% on the gameplay experience. This is a good thing, since at the moment previewers are all essentially just commentating the same demo over and over. All-in-all, this article is far more interesting a read than your average article.

Check out the article here. On a side note, the site may go down for roughly half a day during the next week due to a design facelift which has been in the works for a while -- a lot of the content is going to be restructured, as well as the screenshots section brought back in a very nicely categorized way, so a little downtime is necessary. Try not to panic.

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Brace yourselves for another newsletter.
Slightly earlier than expected, the latest Psychonauts newsletter has hit inboxes worldwide. Inside this issue:

- Psychonauts gets reviews.
- T-shirts pimped.
- That GameLive thing we mentioned.
- Magazine advertisements.

So, check your emails right now and have a read. Alternatively, read Mojo's mirror of it right here.

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Schafer speaks words of wisdom.
There's not a great deal new on the Psychonauts front, other than those couple of previews which you've probably already seen on the snooper. However, Tim Schafer - who as I'm sure you all know is responsible for Psychonauts - recently participated in a grand gathering of developers and shared his view on the general state of gaming right now.

Posted in this month's Edge magazine which went into circulation yesterday, Tim is treated to a whole two columns which detail what he had to say. Psychonauts is mentioned of course, which is naturally a good thing considering the immense popularity of Edge in the UK. You can view the scan here.

In other news, the screenshots section is currently being given a thorough overhaul, having remained unupdated since the site's launch. In all honesty, it was just my old Psychonauts screenshots directory uploaded onto the server with a gallery script thumbnailing them all.

Not to worry, though! The new and updated version will have many categories which split the images up into appropriate sections, be a lot easier to navigate, and of course be regularly updated. Look out for that in the next few days. Until then, there's always the videos!

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Videos for you, videos for me.
Three new videos have been added to the videos section. Two of them show cutscenes from the game, and as with all cutscenes should be approached with caution if you're sensitive to minor spoilers. The third is a random gameplay trailer, and doesn't really spoil anything at all, other than that the game has really cool music.

The videos section format has also been redesigned a little to make identifying potentially spoily cutscenes easier. None of them contain any particularly surprising spoilers that you couldn't have worked out yourself from watching older gameplay videos, but some people like to have their experiences totally virginal.

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