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What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Psychonauts to possibly appear on GameSpot Live.
As one of the avid Idle Thumbs forum-goers pointed out earlier today, tonight's GameSpot Live On the Spot event may feature something to do with Psychonauts. The event begins today at 4pm PST, which translates to 12pm GMT, so you may as well tune in if you've got nothing better to do.

It should be noted that whether or not Psychonauts will actually appear on the show is pure speculation, and that there is a considerable chance that it simply won't. However, the banner - which is generally rotated on a weekly basis to reflect what's in the next show - does show Razputin and Milla. So, it's anyone's guess.

Edit:- It's been confirmed that Tim Schafer will, for the second time, be making an appearance on the show to answer questions and such. Make sure that you tune in at the appropriate time to catch it all. If you're a little busy though, don't worry -- they do archive the videos for later watching shuld you happen to miss it.

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