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What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Fight for the cause, earn free Psychonauts goodies.
As highlighted in the latest official newsletter, Majesco have just started a "Refer-A-Friend" program for Psychonauts to encourage as many people to try it out the title as possible. The basic gist of it, which you'll gather from reading the full newsletter right here, is this:

a) You convince a friend to buy the game. Promotional material available here!
b) He or she goes and buys the game, before promptly scanning their receipt for you.
c) You send their receipt into Majesco, who then send you a free goodie.
d) Both of you sit happily with your new possessions!

It's a fairly sweet little deal, and I of course encourage anybody who has friends to try and get in on the action. Convince friends to buy Psychonauts, enjoy free playing cards, a Whispering Rock t-shirt, or even a themed plasma ball. I've always wanted one of those, you know.

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