Tip: One of the original Grim Fandango soundtrack CDs recently sold for over $100. Be sure to grab the original Psychonauts soundtrack.
What is to be a glorious summer of Psychonauts content updates begins with the addition of the w.i.p. enemies section, detailing the game's many foes.
Ryan pulls the venerable Tim Schafer away from the excitement of Psychonauts' impending release for a few seconds, and asks him three brief (read: long) questions about the game and himself.
Psychonauts picks up a bunch of award nominations.
Those who've played Psychonauts know how great it is. They know that the action, storyline, music, characters and world are all fantastic to immersive yourself in. Sadly, a lot of people don't know that because they've never played it, be it down to a very unsynced European release or advertising -- who knows. But despite Psychonauts' constant great reviews, all signs are that it didn't sell like hot cakes.

To emphasise how fondly that they think of our favourite game, GameSpot has put up its usual yearly awards which look at a whole variety of genres and categories which each have a bunch of finalists; one of which will be chosen as the ultimate winner. Psychonauts has a place in not one, not two, but nine of these categories. The actual winners will be announced starting from December 20th, however you can go and read a short snippet about Psychonauts in each category right now.

So, check out Best Original Music, Best Story, Best Voice Acting, Best Artistic Graphics, Best New Character, Funniest Game, Best Platformer, Best Xbox Game and -- sadly -- Best Game No One Played.

GameSpot isn't the only website that does awards, though. You can currently go and vote for Psychonauts on 1up, and I'm sure plenty of other sites will be doing something. If you see any websites with new Psychonauts content (ie: anything since August) such as features, reviews, articles or awards, please get in touch like our good friend, Assault!

Posted by Ryan on December 16th 2005. 4 comments being displayed, with the oldest ones at the top.
Pfft. The competition doesn't stand a chance.

Comment posted on December 17th 2005, 01:03 am
Well, I'm a little torn on the best artistic graphics, with Oddworld.

Comment posted on December 17th 2005, 09:10 am
Why the *?& isn't it out in europe/australiea/ anywhere but the U.S. yet?!?!?!
Poor sales hmm.... I wonder

Comment posted on December 26th 2005, 04:50 pm
That's what most people are wondering. My speculation is that they've been a bit slow in translating all of the dialogue for the European release and delayed the few English-speaking countries (UK, Australia, etc) along with it. While a bad decision, at least it provides an answer as opposed to not knowing at all.

It's a shame as a lot of Europeans will have forgotten about it by the time it's actually released, killing off what momentum it may have gotten from word of mouth.

Comment posted on December 26th 2005, 05:33 pm
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